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(d) Failure of the General Assembly to appropriate adequate funds for reimbursement as required by this Act shall not relieve the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity from its obligations under this Section.

For information concerning the relationship between statutes and Public Acts, refer to the Guide.

The Statement of Statewide policy objectives for an executive order shall be filed with the executive order with the Secretary of State.

The Statement of Statewide policy objectives for an administrative rule shall be published with the rule in the Illinois Register as provided in the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act.

A State mandate that expands the duties of a public official by requiring the provision of additional services is a "service mandate" rather than a "local government organization and structure mandate".(g) "Tax exemption mandate" means a State mandate that exempts privately owned property or other specified items from the local tax base, such as (1) exemption of business inventories from the local property tax base, and (2) exemption of food or medicine from the local "sales" tax.(h) "Personnel mandate" means a State mandate concerning or affecting local government (1) salaries and wages; (2) employee qualifications and training (except when any civil service commission, professional licensing board, or personnel board or agency established by State law sets and administers standards relative to merit-based recruitment or candidates for employment or conducts and grades examinations and rates candidates in order of their relative excellence for purposes of making appointments or promotions to positions in the competitive division of the classified service of the public employer served by such commission, board, or agency); (3) hours, location of employment, and other working conditions; and (4) fringe benefits including insurance, health, medical care, retirement and other benefits.reimbursement submitted under this Act in cases in which the General Assembly has appropriated funds to reimburse local governments for costs associated with the implementation of a State mandate.

In cases in which there is no appropriation for reimbursement, upon a request for determination of a mandate by a unit of local government, or more than one unit of local government filing a single request, other than a school district or a community college district, the Department shall determine whether a Public Act constitutes a mandate and, if so, the Statewide cost of implementation.

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