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Plenty More Naughty Fish has to be the worse adult dating site I have come across.The website should be banned for its outright rip off claims.I contacted them by phone (Global Personals 01753 271286) and was told that I had subscribed to a 30 days renewal package and they would continue to bill me on a 30 day basis unless I advised them I wanted to cancel my subscription!!!Although I tried to explain that had I had the money for a 3 month subscription I would have opted for that but was then told had I opted for a 3 month subscription I would be billed every 3 months!!

If it's not Fraudulent (and it IS), then why would the site designer thinks it's helpful to display the photos and profiles in hotlists of people who have already become inactive ?

Apparently "we don't allow discussions about membership". MANY of the subject lines are IDENTICAL when send by supposedly different people within the same 5 minute period. They're Contact Us link takes me (this is a Saturday) to a page saying "Support not currently available"..."Our Customer Care Team are here to help Monday-Friday 9-5pm" 3.

All this and I never got to speak to anyone nearer than 130 miles away. Loads of pretty girls, I have pic on there and not one reply afer contacting literally hundreds of women. They definitely are generating fake profiles either via a bored human or via a spam robot with a bad algorithm. But the Contact Us page doesn't have a Telephone number for the support team for the week 4.

Calls from a landline should be free, but there may be additional charges if you use a mobile phone. Mind you I made damn sure I did get it back but it wasn't easy. There's no variety - these phrases are all similar.

And finally they refused to post a message because I mentioned that I was nearing the end of my membership. There's no hint of thoughtfulness or nervousness about them - not a single subject line of 4 words or more. I've recieved MANY messages from people supposedly online within the last day, yet when the profile is opened it says the member is no longer active 3. They regularly send your login name and password in plain text, in a single email to you, without being asked to, in every alert email 2.

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Its not all so obvious though and now however they're cleverer and send you women from 35-early 50s (if youre in your 30s or 40s yourself) who actually send you replies in real time but skimming beneath the surface you realise that they're very non-commital replies with nothing really given away and often still giving the crap about "I'm new to this" some however of both the young and old women will soon be revealed as people who have not been active for months - if that is not blatant fraud on the part of "Plenty More Fish" what is and why arent they thieves prosecuted and shut down.

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