Php script for updating contacts accommodating cyclists at signalised intersections

Like the other PHP apps that I’ve covered here at Make Use Of, the beauty of PHP Address Book is that once you install it on your home “server”, you can access your database of contacts from anywhere in the house, and from any device.Connect to your address book with your mobile phone, your laptop, your desktop – everyone in the house can instantly connect to the database to update contacts or to look up information.

Overall, installing this address book server app either on your own private web server or on your public web host will make the whole process of staying connected with people a heck of a lot easier.

Edit the job to set the desired parameters, then run the script by selecting 'more/Execute Now'.

Parameters: If too many contacts are in your database and need updating, or if your server is not powerful enough, then this script might timeout.

In my entire life, I think I can honestly say that the single most annoying task (and the one I am worst at), is maintaining an updated list of the addresses, phone numbers and birthdays of all of my friends, family and colleagues.

At one point I believe I made a concerted effort to gather and enter just about all of the addresses and phone numbers into an online database that was synced with my new Motorola Android.

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It’s probably the most convenient solution that works for everyone in the family at once. As is standard with PHP apps, you need to have a web server running.

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