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This was before it was common for everyone to have a cellphone, Brandie didn't have one, and I didn't have Levi's home phone number.

I realized that was not a good move in case he never showed up on line, I wouldn't be able to call him to see what was going on.

So, early one Saturday afternoon, Brandie put an overnight bag in her car and left for the three and half hour drive to Levi's.

She would probably get there about four in the afternoon.

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I knew that would mean that they would have about four hours of straight sex action before the 8 O'clock "show", and I hoped that he wouldn't have completely worn her out before hand.

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Levi knew this wasn't "my bag", but he promised to treat her right, (I trusted him and believed she would be OK in his care), and he even promised to have sex with her at least once over the weekend on web cam, so I could watch them.

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