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Tesla thought up extraordinary new technologies, but the real test was whether or not those inventions actually worked. This results in two very different relationships with data.Einstein, the on the other hand, saw patterns in the outside world and mulled over them until he culled from the herd everything but the most internally consistent reasons. For an INTP, ‘clean’ data is of the utmost importance.There is such a thing as clean data, one just has to be ever vigilant for it.

(If you’re in the middle of trying to figure out whether or not you’re an INTJ or an INTP, remember that these aren’t intended to describe your individual interests or values, but rather how the two types are ‘wired’ differently.) The Driver process can also be called the “dominant cognitive function.” It’s the mind’s first point of contact and the primary lens through which everything gets filtered.The criteria isn’t necessarily provable to an outside observer, and so an internally consistent argument may be the best they’ve got to give credibility to their conclusions.Think of it in terms of Nikola Tesla (most likely an INTJ) and Albert Einstein (most likely an INTP).” The context changes the content, and so if they don’t know why you want to know they can’t produce the data. It’s not the empirical nature of the data that’s important, it’s the result it produces that’s the important thing.(Not that it matters, but this can be maddening to an ENTP. Which is why INTJs unconsciously vet people for their usefulness, not the data they hold (unless that’s how the person is ‘useful’).

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