Did alesha dixon dating romeo

Harvey worries she's determined not to have an epidural. "When I met Javine she was like a missing link in my life," says Harvey.

"She had this ability to give me the answers that Alesha never could; why I had a bad temper, why I am what I am in certain ways - I mean the things that make me not perfect. I thought: 'This is the kind of person I need to be around.' "The more we did Daddy Cool, the more I began to like her.

Still, it never came to the point where I thought: 'My mind's elsewhere,' like it was with Javine."Javine wanted children and Harvey was desperate for a family.

His childhood was sadly dysfunctional; a family unit shattered when his father, former Gladiator Michael Harvey, got another woman pregnant. When you're 14 years old and stuck in a house on your own, it's weird.

They met, fell in love, and married at the five-star Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire, where celebrity chef and close friend Jean-Christophe Novelli personally cooked the wedding feast. "Last time I watched it I was looking at the DVD going: 'Flipping hell, from that to me now going to be a father with another woman.' "I didn't see my life going that way."Harvey is an intriguing man.

He lives by his own set of values, but a moral code nonetheless: don't disrespect, don't set out to hurt someone - which of course he did.

For some, the return of Britain's Got Talent to our screens means a flurry of dancing dogs and child prodigies, but for us it means more fashion envy than ever as we track Alesha Dixon's wardrobe!

And is it just us or is Alesha looking better than ever?!

These House of CB PVC panelled pumps definitely get our vote!

Bruce Forsyth calls her Europe's answer to Beyonce. Once celebrated as the black community's Posh and Becks, theirs was a fairytale romance. Naturally it hurts, because I've got a lot of feelings.

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According to tabloid legend, Harvey and Javine, said to be a close friend of Alesha's, began their affair when co-starring together in the West End musical Daddy Cool.

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